Sunday, November 25, 2001

Well today was a day of house cleaning.:( I got it done and got to do some things I wanted to do.I wonder how the rest of the week is going to go.I wish people would stop playing mind games.When you think things are going ok then you get hit in the face say oh you are so wrong.I wonder sometime if people ever think about waht they do.I thought things were ok with somethings.But I got a wake up call to let me know that I am still the fool.But not this time .Maybe they will wake up and relize they have lost so much and hurt so many people that they can not fix it. Well I think that in life they will get what come to them one way or the other and I hope when it happens I am still around to lol in their face. Well got to go .Thinking of doing lights tonight on the house. Jammie is ready to put them up and I am ready to do them befor it get so cold.I am looking forward to x-mas.As you all know I got a new grandbaby so I got alot of things i want to do to make the tree look great for her to look at. Hi she had a great turkey day. She spended it with of her daddys family and they loved see her at lease some of them did.Then she came home and she had turkey day here with us.So I guess you can say she a little spoil.

Thursday, November 15, 2001

I thought I come on and let everone know how things are going.Well I hate to be always told I am not doing anything.I hate when someone try to hide things from me they always seem to come back to me.Well I guess i can say this you never do something that some one dont see u. Some time I say they do it to start trouble.But not all the time some time they tell u in hopes to keep you from being a fool again.But all i can say is one day it will come back to them and then they will see who losted at the game they are playing.I guess they never learn that the grass is not greener on the other side sence u already know what on the other side.So befor close this i like to say dont play anyone for a fool because you will be the one that looks like the fool at the end.And I know the the right one will ready this and all i got to say is dont u get tired of play games.:)

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Well I know I said No bitching on here.Well I dont understand people that always want to start trouble.I think people that always want to find trouble or start it.Then they need to stop hide and come to the person they are talking about.I know ever one has their friends but I have had friends that stabbed me in back. I think if u are ask something and u know u are doing it why lie about it. Because sooner or later its going to come out.I know someone that the hole time my daughter was going thought have a baby bad mouth her. She still does it but it just show u how smart of a person she must be to always talk about someone eles. But this person did the same thing and she know what i am saying.I think befor u knock anyone eles look at what you done in the past and say do i have a right to be talking.If you think you have that right then go to that person and tell them to their face dont run and hid and destory things .Or familys.I think if u are that scare to admitt what u done and said then u just need to live your life and leave other people alone. MY last commit is (dont run your mouth to anyone becuse it always make it back to who you are talking about).:)

Saturday, September 29, 2001

I really have not had alot of time to get on here.And who wants to read about someone bitch all the time.I stay busy with work and my grand baby she is a good baby. she look like her mom.Ashley went back to school momday.She doing good.Jammie got his senior pic so now it time to come up with big buck to get them.Dan in one of his moods today.No one can do anything to please him.He talk about the kids acting like babies when they dont get their way.I told him today he can not evern go thier because he act just like them.He wrote a story on how he was lol at about doing put a flag up and doing his his uniform up wehn all the stuff went on on the 11th of sept.Well I just want to set the record straight noone lol at him.We all ask him why he was doing it and that was all that was said to him.I guess he consider that as someone lol at him. But I know for a fact that noone lol at him. He always tell me dont do something to piss me off and u wont be wrote about so i guess u can tell i have not piss him off til i am sure i will make it to his page soon. But what dan fells to tell ever one is that he wait on hand and foot most of the time.So he real got it bad somone that wait on him hand and foot wish i had it that good lol. well enought bitch got to run and see about sammie smile.

Saturday, September 08, 2001

I real have not had alot to say. But thought i come here and take out my anger on paper.I know people use their kids for alot of things..I mayself can not stand someone to talk about my kids and degrade them. But i guess some people think it ok.Dan seem to think as long as they dont come to his face and say it then they dont say it.I am right the other way if i hear it then i know u had to say something or the person that come and tell u would not be saying anything.So i guess that is somthing dan and i will not agree on is let someone say something about my kids and then me keep talk to them.And most of the time the person that doing the talking is worse then the person they are talking about so why judge someone when u done alot worse then they have done.It always easy to say something and talk but it harder to look at your past and say hi do i have room to talk about anyone. Because it always has a way of come back on u one way or the other and dan just can not understand why i feel the way i do about this.But one day he may wake up and see well i should have listen if not then it is his lost not mine. so I pissed him off so I guess I make it to his page oh well i am sure it wont be the last. well enought bitching let me go play pool with my son .

Saturday, August 04, 2001

The baby shower went well.Ashley got alot of things she need.But most of all we all had a good time doing it.Well I guess i am suppose to be count my lucie stars Dan carried me to a movie.I dont think so. As far as married adults if one want to go some were then I think they need to let the other know were they are going.If they were single then they would not have to tell anyone.But as a adult we all aswner to someone somewere sometimes

Thursday, August 02, 2001

Well just got a call Dan not going to be home in the morning.HMMM.Well super done here the kids all have got now it time to play on the cp .Til time to think about what dan can eat.I guess it real dont matter just as long as it something. I just got a call a lady in the daycare daugther is haveing a baby. They told her it will weight 10lbs a big baby.I am glad ashley is going to have a little one. well got to run .
just went and got the pic.From target.They are all good maybe if i can get dan to scan them i might can put them on my page.I guess he got to work ok.My sister inlaw just call me and she said I ask dan how u was and he said oh she ok.I like to know how would he know i not the cat. how would he know if i hurt or not he come in get on cp and go to work.or to bed so how does he know how i feel if i hurt .He dont as long as i have him super when he get home.As long as i can do for him he ok. But if he need to do for me i dont think it will ever get done.He said today why are u not talk to me.well i feel he should have been more concern about what happen to me . But no he just want to go to bed and get up and eat.we all went out last night to eat but he did not want to go so i brought him something back.Did not get a thank u or kiss my tail.and when he came home today he did not ask if i felt ok. so I thank he real dont care if i was ok. but that ok what goes around come around , well got run and get kids ready to leave.
Yesterday was a day to remenber.I was meeting my sister-inlaw for lunch.I was walk acaroos the park lot and befor i knew it she had hit me.She did not stick around to see if i was hurt or what .I knew my leg was hurting and i thought i be ok.So we got the report fill out and sit and ater lunch as i com down from being hit.The owner of the place that i ate at was very worrie that i was going to be ok.So he call this morning to see about me and i told him I was sore but ok.My kids were worrie til I got home to see them and let them see I was ok just shocked and a little scared.But on the other hand My love husband was no to worried he just want me to move the kids out of bed room so he could take a nap.He ask me what happen and i told him and the only thing he could say (did u get the tag number ) when i told him no i was scared and shock that i did noth think about it.I think all he was worrie about is if i had to go to the doctor he might have to pay a little of his money on me.I hear him on the cp this morning and then he left at 4:10.I guess ever who he was talk to was more inportion then see if i was ok. But that always been dan.Boy i sure hope he got to work on well i guess i need to run my kids are getting hungry and i need to feed them. Jamie still sleeping so i going to let him alone.Ashley got a good report from her that is good. Bobbie not feel good today so i baby her today. HI Dan if u are wonder i am ok.:(